Avaya Partner Newcastle
Avaya Partner Newcastle

Avaya Partner Newcastle

Avaya is one of the leading global companies who works to improve connection and communication across large and small businesses. At NGC networks, we have chosen to partner with Avaya, to be able to deliver the best possible product to local businesses.

As an Avaya Partner Newcastle we work with them to provide you with the customer support and advice you need. As a partner we are able to offer our clients Avaya’s years of experience and global technology to connect your business with the latest software.

Our experience and expertise in the telecommunications field has meant that partnering with Avaya has not only given our clients more options in regards to fitting and installing but also means that you can benefit from the security and service of a global company.

What does this service provide and how does the partnership with Avaya further increase my service as a customer? First of all, we chose to work with Avaya because we believe they have the best, award-winning technology on the market. It means that we can offer you fantastic equipment, used by large businesses all over the world, with the added ability to tailor that to your business like a local company.

Whether you have questions or technical issues there will always be someone available to speak to. As one of Avaya’s partners, our customers can contact us and the avaya help line.

There will always be someone available to take your call and answer your questions because of the extensive infrastructure and support a large company such as Avaya provides.

Being an accredited Avaya Partner Newcastle also gives you peace of mind when finding the right provider. We are fully accredited which means that we have extensive training with the Avaya software and products as well as years of experience in telecommunications. We work as a Avaya partner to not only provide the best service to our customers but also to provide the peace of mind for all your business communication.

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