CTI Telephony Sheffield
CTI Telephony Sheffield

CTI Telephony Sheffield

CTI or Computer telephone integration can benefit businesses dramatically by linking their computers with their phone systems. This helps call routing, database calling and customer service.

With CTI telephony Sheffield you are able to see the caller’s details before you answer the call and once you have you are able to view their service details during the call recording everything that is discussed and making notes straight onto the customer’s file. It raises the level of customer service you can provide as a business. Though mainly used in call centres, CTI telephony could benefit any company interacting with clients by phone.

CTI telephony can also help companies that outbound call, adding automatic dialling so databases can be easily worked through and moving on to the next number if the caller is busy. With a CTI system you can set user preferences and monitor who is accessing the system, how many calls are being received and made which can help manage workloads and improve productivity. You can also listen back to calls which can help training and development.

In day to day terms CTI telephony can also help to transfer calls easily, put calls on hold or hold joint conference calls, where you can dial people in. Calls can be forwarded easily when staff members are on a break so no call is ever missed.

NGC Networks are a key provider of CTI telephony Sheffield. We are a fully accredited Avaya Business Partner and are classified as a UK Top 10 Avaya IP500 reseller. We have achieved the unique Avaya SME Expert Status together with certification to the coveted IP Office Solutions Specialist level.

There are many areas across the UK where we provide CTI telephony, Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Newcastle, Hull, Sheffield, Lincoln, Nottingham, York and Birmingham, working with many of the larger call centres as well as focused businesses. In Leeds, CTI telephony has been used in call centres to increase productivity and improve results from outbound calling. NGC will tailor the CTI telephony system to your needs, helping you to achieve your objectives, so contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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