Gigabit City

What is a Gigabit City? It certainly sounds impressive. Gigabit cities throughout the UK aim to take the digital age we are in by the horns and utilise it to the maximum. These modern cities will connect their entire infrastructure to an ultra-rapid, full-fibre network.

Being centred on digital connectivity, Gigabit Cities will act as a catalyst for both economic and social development.

CityFibre, the UK's builder of Gigabit Cities and the nation's alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure, is committed to creating Gigabit cities and rolling them out throughout the UK.

Through the deployment of a full-fibre infrastructure, CityFibre plans to bring the benefits a Gigabit speed and unlimited bandwidths to cities and urban communities.

A Gigabit City is provided with a pioneering digital infrastructure, designed to help local business, health and education sectors and the government operate more efficiently, by meeting their communication and data connectivity demands.

Gigabit Cities will eventually be capable of improving people’s digital connectivity and communication in domestic settings as well as commercial infrastructures. Bringing 4G and even 5G services to more areas, Gigabit Cities are designed to enrich our lives, at work and at home.

Benefits of Gigabit Connectivity

Pure fibre is the best connectivity option available to a business, but in most cities it is nearly impossible to order or afford. In a Gigabit City, pure fibre connectivity comes as standard and all businesses can enjoy the speed, efficiency and productivity benefits. This is a huge opportunity for businesses, and one which NGC is keen to champion - putting Yorkshire on the connectivity map.

This partnership will offer huge benefits to local business:

Our partnership with Cityfibre provides the platform for SME businesses in Yorkshire to transform their productivity and working practices.

CityFibre partners with NGC Networks

NGC is proud to have been selected as the exclusive CityFibre partner for the rollout of ultrafast gigabit connectivity in Wakefield during 2017/2018 and a provider for the Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield districts, which are now available. The partnership will work towards establishing, developing and maintaining fully-functional, highly-innovative and effective Gigabit Cities in northern cities, such as Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and Huddersfield.

Since 2002, NGC has been successfully providing cost-effective telecommunications and connectivity solutions to businesses of all types of sectors.

By helping to simplify communications and providing premium telecommunications, we aim to play a pivotal role in helping CityFibre achieve its objectives – to enable councils to connect their entire estate to a rapid fibre network, bringing social and economic development to a city.

To find out more about Gigabit Cities and how we can help, please contact our knowledgeable staff today on 0800 588 4003 or email

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